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The only candles that will not spread poison in the house

Natural beeswax candles

As part of our efforts to heal the land around us and ourselves, we decided to place on the farm freedom beehives of honeybees that we make sure to interfere as little as possible in their life cycle. ​ The honey bee population in Israel and in the world is in danger alongside the local wild bee population, due to excessive human intervention and practices that are designed to generate profit and not benefit nature and the biological balance. ​ The swarms of bees that come to us are mostly Italian bees apis mellifera ligustica that managed to "escape" from the bee industry and find refuge with us, but we also have swarms of local bees apis mellifera syriaca that found their way to us and chose to set up their hive in our edible and spice forest


The only natural wax:

Freedom hives are beehives in which humans interfere as little as possible. With as few openings as possible in order to maintain the health of the swarm, without harvesting honey or feeding sugar water as done in the industry and without interruption as much as possible. Around the hives, we plant fruit trees with flowers and as many spice plants as possible in order to bring a constant supply of nectar and pollen from a wide variety of medicinal plants, local wild plants, and flowers that bees love in order to allow the swarms to choose the most suitable diet for them throughout all the seasons of the year.

Candle history:

Beeswax has been used by man throughout history, whether for lighting or medical and shamanic purposes. It is an important commodity for engraving amulets and virtues in the practical Kabbalah of the Middle Ages and in the magic books of Abramelin. A valuable commodity used in the Middle Ages and used mostly in churches and palaces. Most of the medieval population used chandelle or tallow candles based on lumps of animal fat. The use of beeswax candles - the Bougie became more common in the 19th century. To date, no wax has been found in the world with properties like beeswax, which comes in its natural form in the form of wax and does not require processing.

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