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Our raw materials

Agricultural innovation

And increasing the life cycle of economic products

As part of the sustainable lifestyle we have adopted, we have set ourselves the goal of reusing our agricultural surpluses and combining with them environmentally sound raw materials. All our production processes are done using traditional methods and using simple tools.

Most of our raw materials are "refurbished" materials such as unsorted peaches and beeswax extracted from the bee industry in favor of small-scale candle production and the promotion of bee extinction propaganda.

Recycled materials, and most importantly, the materials we are used to treating as waste, hold innumerable opportunities for maximum utilization of the material and extraction of the energy that passes under our hands to the end. To give a new purpose to what was once considered waste and to see it as a real treasure. A bit like the compost pile, which slowly turns from kitchen waste and effluent into a valuable fertilizer that continues the natural life cycle of the material.


Bee's wax

Dong Publishing

From the industry 

And environmental information

Industrial beehives use methods designed to increase honey production and thus harm the variety and the environment. Although the pollination services allow the huge fields and orchards to bear fruit, the price that the swarms pay is very heavy


Invading trees and weeds

There is no bad tree

No weed

And there are really no pests

Every organism has a role and every plant has a place. Ezra trees that are known as invaders, grow on the edge of our area and provide us with fine raw material for carving in green wood and construction. Most of the weeds are herbs that we have forgotten and with their help we prepare for ourselves a variety of cosmetics and potions.

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